2Blue contains methylene blue, a compound used as a biological tissue dye. Therefore, H2Blue can stain any surface it touches (possibly permanently, depending on porosity). It is recommended that skin, counter-tops, floors, clothing and other surrounding surfaces be protected from inadvertent splashing during use.  The user should wear safety glasses to protect eyes from splashing. Use of a mild abrasive cleanser will usually remove stains from most surfaces. Use soap & water to remove from skin.

Package Description

The H
2Blue bottle contains 10 mL of reagent, enough to perform approximately 50 tests (depending on your average H2 levels). Since the bottle capacity is approximately 13 mL, it will not appear to be completely full when received (bottles are filled using precision dispensing equipment). H2Blue comes in an LDPE plastic bottle with a child-resistant cap. The H2Blue bottle comes stored in a plastic graduated beaker with a screw cap. The beaker is used to measure the precise volume of hydrogen water (6 mL) required for accurate testing of dissolved H2 levels.  H2Blue ​should be stored in a cool, dry place, and should be used within 12 months of purchase.


H2Blue eco formula does not contain ethanol, and is not classified as a dangerous material under US DOT or International IATA regulations. Therefore, although any fluid requires some care when packing, there are no shipping restrictions when using most carriers. When shipping H2Blue within the domestic US, Alaska & Hawaii, orders will be sent using either USPS or Fedex, depending on destination and order size. Please  Contact Us  about orders to international locations.


2Blue is warranted to perform as described here for one year* from date of purchase. In the event that you are dissatisfied with the product, we will replace it or issue a refund at our discretion. Shipping charges are not covered by warranty and are not refundable. Please Contact Us  for more information.
*12-month Pro-Rata

Usage & Storage

2Blue is a laboratory-grade test reagent containing compounds not intended to be taken internally...keep out of reach of children, and store in a cool, dry location. Under extremely low temperatures, H2Blue may freeze during shipping. If this occurs, allow to thaw at room temperature for 8 hours before using. Do not accelerate thawing by using a microwave oven or hot water! Please download  Safety Data Sheet  for more information.