​​Resolution, Accuracy and Precision:   

By design, H2Blue is able to resolve differences in H2 concentrations as small as 0.1mg/L (1/10 of a ppm), with an accuracy of + - 0.1mg/L. When done carefully, measurements using H2Blue are capable of producing both accurate (when measured against a calibration standard) and precise (repeatable) results. The following examples show the difference between accuracy and precision:

When using H2Blue, the accuracy and precision of your results will depend upon the care you take when performing the various steps involved in the titration. As outlined in the "Helpful Hints For Measuring" section, the most important considerations are:

• Run the machine at least 20 seconds prior to collecting the test sample of H2 water
• Clean the graduated beaker each time before using
• Minimize splashing when filling the graduated beaker
• Measure the 6mL sample carefully aligning the bottom of the meniscus to the 6mL line
• Add drops in quick succession (counting them as you go), but without adding too many, passing the titration endpoint

• Apply firm, even pressure to the bottle when squeezing

• Stir the test sample gently-do not swirl or shake
• Be sure to count the last drop required to make the test sample remain pale blue