Formulated Using Advanced Nano-Particle Catalyst Technology

​​​* ​Measure Dissolved Hydrogen Gas in Water Produced by a Variety of H2-Water-Generating Technologies including: Alkaline Ionizers, Hydrogen Infusion Machines (HIM's), Tablets, Sticks, Bubblers, Reactor Cartridges, etc.

* Measure the Concentration of Dissolved Hydrogen Gas (H2) in mg/L (parts per million / ppm)


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Each bottle of H2Blue comes with a Graduated Storage Beaker

Retail Price: 29.95 / 10mL bottle

​(enough for approx. 50 tests)

(Online Retail sales to US Lower 48 and Only

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Turns "Clear" in the presence of H2

​​* Accurately Test H2 Water in the pH Range of 4 - 10  

​​*Insure that your H2 Device is Operating at Peak   Performance by Measuring and Monitoring the Level of Dissolved Hydrogen Gas in the Water

Manufactured in the USA by:

​​​* Use to Demonstrate the Presence of Dissolved H2