*Demonstrate the Presence of Hydrogen Gas (H2, Antioxidants) in Hydrogen Water

Uses Advanced Nano-Particle Technology

Manufactured in the USA by:

H2Blue Bottle comes with a Graduated Storage Beaker

* Measure the Concentration of Dissolved               Hydrogen Gas in Parts Per Million (ppm - mg/L)


​​* Insure that your H2 Device is Operating at Peak   Performance by Measuring and Monitoring the     Level of Dissolved Hydrogen Gas in the Water

(Retail sales to US Lower 48 and Canada Only-Contact Us for AK, HI & International Locations)

* Measure Dissolved Hydrogen Gas in Water           Produced by a Variety of H2-Water Generating       Technologies including: Ionizers, Hydrogen           Infusion Machines (HIM's), Tablets, Sticks,             Bubblers, Reactor Cartridges, etc.

* Accurately Test H2 Waters in pH Range of 4-11     (recommended for use in 6-9.5 pH range)